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All the girls in this site are not actors. They are real people who came into my store to pawn their stuff. See what deals I was able to make.
I can’t believe it., someone brought an item into the XXX PAWN SHOP worth paying full price for. So this fine looking business type woman walks in carrying a motorcycle helmet. I took a look at it offered her a quick 50 bucks so that she can go on her merry way. Then she showed me that it was signed by a famous motorcycle daredevil, and I swear my pecker got hard before she could say his full name. I need this in my XXX PAWN SHOP. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any proof that it was a real signature..and she was DESPERATE for money. I don’t like taking risks that big so I told her I couldn’t buy it. She practically begged for me to buy it. Slide caught the fly. So I dropped her a smooth line, “Desperate times call for Desperate measures” and then had her flash me her BIG FAT JUICY TITS. It was on. Took her upstairs and after some negotiating, we started fucking. I love to see a professional woman slob on the hog. Did I mention she’s trying to be a layer? She got banged a little bit harder just for that.
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Things are getting out of hand here at the XXX PAWN SHOP!! Beautiful women keep coming in to make ridiculous deals for garbage items. Today, this gorgeous caramel beauty comes in trying to sell her great, great great grandmamas ring. This damsel in distress wanted $2000 dollars for some GODAWFUL old ring, no matter how old it was that thing was junk. But here comes Sean to the RESCUE!!! I was mesmerized by her huge TITS so I knew I had to get her back the office to make the REAL DEAL. She was hesitant at first, but i turned off the lights on her and showed hr what her future looked like. it was her choice suck some dick or go home to a house with no power. She was sucking dick within seconds. The rest of the SEX was POWERFUL here at the XXX PAWN SHOP.
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So Big Mike wakes me up from one of my patented midday naps here at the XXX PAWN SHOP.. I was hoping he finally made a substantial sale. But instead it was for some BULL CRAP ..that eventually turned into a solid deal with some polishing. I guess sometimes you CAN polish a turd. So this big breasted chocolate beauty starts talking about pawning her car…i try to tell her I’m no longer in the automotive business, but she wasn’t having it. She convinces me to check out her broken down ride, but all I wanted is a better look at her airbags, that's XXX PAWN SHOP code for TITS, if you catch my drift. So the car was a limited edition POS, piece o’ Shit. It was old,rusty and rundown. But she was hot as fuck so i took the deal back to the office to make a deal on her not the car. She needed $800 clams for her mom’s surgery..nothing serious…and she said she would have the money back in a month. I gave her a better deal: wax my pole, let me titty fuck and split her clam and she can walk out with all the cash. Shit went down, this chick knows how to fuck. Enjoy!
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I'm at it again everybody. This time around a beautiful young brunette walked into the XXX PAWN SHOP trying to pawn a Katana, for those of you who don’t know its one of them’ fancy Japanese swords. I've been a fan of KUNG RF movies since back in the day so I know a thing or two about these swords. So when she pulled out this cheap knock off, I knew I had her. I just had to see how desperate she was for CASH. LUCKILY FOR US, she was one desperate lady. After I had tested out the SWORD by chopping up a pair of watermelons, the real fun began. I took her to my office, did some negotiating and then I split her open like I did the watermelons, with my meat sword. Enjoy this XXX PAWN SHOP everyone, its a CLASSIC!!
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Bon jour friends. Its me Sean, your friendly neighborhood XXX PAWN SHOP owner and pornographic movie maker. Today i got one hell of an episode for you guys. So we get a knock at the door, and its the sexy brunette with one strange accent, I though she was one of them Cajun girls from down there in the Bayou, but it turns out she was from France. I never had me some pussy from across the pond so thats when I turned up my charm, cause i wanted her to have a taste of my French Baguette. But first we had to take care of some business. She pulled out a case full of watches, that she basically stole from her ex-boyfriend, you know I heard that story before. She basically needed a ticket back to her homeland and we worked out a deal. The sex was wild, shit got crazy. I definitely need to get some more international pussy here at the XXX PAWN SHOP. Enjoy until next time.
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So I’m in the XXX PAWN SHOP shop trying to persuade this young lady to purchase a beautiful winter coat, Big Mike and me where doing the old tag team thing where one of us distracts the customer with some fancy item to get them to spend more, we call it the Alabama feath…PAUSE, give me a sec, I’m going off topic way too much. Let me focus you all in on the matter at hand, Jessi, a feisty latina who’s trying to sell her ex-boyfriends pet..a cool Bearded Dragon named PACO. This latin firecracker was all about business, she wasn’t having any of my flirting. So I had to dig into her story, turns out her man is a cheater…I love when a scored woman walks into the XXX PAWN SHOP!! Persuaded er to go back to the office, and thats where i helped her plan her revenge and walk out with some pesos. She wasn’t having it, she had the audacity to call me a Gringo and even tried to imply I had what she called a BD, Baby Dick!! Now you know I’m always up for a challenge, we made a small wager, I proved to her I was packing a WHITE ANACONDA in my pants and the dick was in her mouth within seconds. Not so tough now señorita. Sex was wild. Another one for the record books!!
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